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This is great stuff.

Maybe a stupid question, but how do you decide on a background?

Also, just to satisfy my curiosity, what are the color mixes for the grapes and the oranges?

While I'm on a roll, how much drying time are you allowing between stages?

To answer your questions, Bill;

Do you mean the toned ground? I have for a long time gone with a strong, warm dark, somewhere between a chocolate and a burnt sienna, but I am trying to let the subject dictate that more, now. I thought a neutral might work better in this case. It's still a warm neutral, though.

Grapes are, I think, mostly cad red and cobalt blue, though there is also some green and orange in there. I jump around on my palette a lot.

The peaches are, at this point, mostly cad yellow light and cad red, also with dabs of complementary colors - cobalt blue and chromium oxide green. I use a lot of complements to mix darker shades. I don't own any black.

Drying time in this case is overnight. I'm working on a sanded gesso foundation, so the paint tends to dry pretty quickly. I often use paint straight from the tube, but I am also using some alkyd medium. I also plan to use a clear alkyd glaze later on, before the final highlights.

Many thanks.

Whoa. Sanded gesso. Does that mean you're working on wood? And if so, what kind of wood, and do you always prep with gesso?

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