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June 02, 2011


Tony Larazzo

Why is there never a Hetero Pride month or march ? It seems that people should simply accept who they are, who they are with no input from themselves..a given so to speak, without trumpeting that Pride whenever they can ?

Baron Korf

Malta seems to be slipping. Something about allowing remarriage after divorce now. The measure just passed, it makes me sad.

Scott Walters

Every month is Hetero Pride month, Tony, that's why.

I'm not finding the anti-homosexuality arguments on this blog convincing. There have been homosexuals throughout history. Did God create them or not?

K T Cat

We respectfully request that you leave hamsters out of this.

K T Cat

Dang, it ate my link. I linked to my assistant's profile - Jacob the Syrian Hamster.

K T Cat

Let's try again.


K T Cat

OK, time for a serious reply to Scott. I don't understand what is "anti-homosexuality" in the arguments I've read so far. Maybe we don't use the terms in the same way. "Anti-" to me in this context would mean that we were making homosexuality illegal in some way instead of simply saying that it is not the same as heterosexuality and definitely not equivalent. As evidence of the lack of equivalence, I give you the entire Human Race, all produced through heterosexual unions. On the other side of the ledger there is nothing. Why is it "anti-" anything to note this and treat the two things differently?

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