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May 16, 2011



Don't forget that a lot of current famine type hardship is caused by governments and other people, not by lack of resources. (I'm not even harping on the biofuel stuff-- I mean blocks on local-ish production of food.)


And one hypothesizes that the homosexuals would tout childlessness as a benefit of their sexual behavior -- unaware that some have, as have the "childfree."

The Masked Chicken

This is not that simple, Tim. The mathematics of population growth (of which I know something) works extremely well for animals that do not have reason. Reason is the modifier that cannot be put into the mathematics in a precise way. The less man becomes reasoning, the more he does obey the equations. Sadly, Western civilization seems, on the whole, to becoming less reasonable. This bring the case, it is actually easier to predict demographic trends, today, then it would have been fifty years ago. Unless people start behaving like human beings, again, they will fall prey to inevitable mathematics. So, both you and your friends have some merit to your arguments.

The Chicken


The comparisons you used in the fourth paragraph are not correct at all. Theres been a lot more research done in population growth than you seem to assume. Its just not as simple as you seem to think, trust me these guys have done their homework and it is in fact a growing issue. Even if some people exaggerate it sometimes.

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