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November 03, 2010



I don't follow politics . . . but what I've heard when I've heard something it's been Obama blaming the GOP for the economic mess.

Which makes him sound like just another politician. Doesn't matter where the mess came from buddy.


I haven't paid much attention to the Tea Party movement... but it seems like a populist movement, and "it has in it all of the dignity of a mob" (GKC)

If the Republicans have heard them and are willing to man-up to the job, it could go well for everyone.

I get the feeling that this freshman class of Republicans is closely tuned to their constituents and they know what their job is.

The established Republicans would do well to realize that their old status-quo is no longer acceptable. America is looking for genuine "service of leadership." They need to think more about 'what America wants,' and less about winning committee chairmanships.

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