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October 08, 2010



Doing stuff is a LOT better than exercise for the sake of exercise.

I have to numb my brain with music or TV to do the mindless stuff; give me a task-- even if it's just bringing in the groceries!-- and I'll do it gladly.


I've been of this mind for a while now. The book I just finished, The Bones of Plenty, often referenced to how full our days used to be with more common physical actions.

Tim J.

I'm pleased to report that I have been taking my own counsel... moving the woodpile yesterday, cleaning our numerous windows today.

And leaf raking weather is nearly upon us!


Back when I could afford to go to a gym, all too often little things or big things would go wrong and I'd end up not getting any exercise for weeks at a time. Now that I am slowly transitioning to part-time work, my exercise is coming from walking to and from trains and up and down subway stairs. It is much more consistent, and I am actually losing a little wait. And I enjoy it. Well, mostly. Walking in the torrential rains last week with a pathetic little umbrella made me quite grumpy.

This is why, by the way, that city life (or at least, northeastern city life) is not causing people to be obese. People in cities with centralized mixed-usage downtowns and good public transportation systems walk quite a bit more than people who drive to and from their desk jobs and stores and whatnot.

I do miss dance classes and pilates. I don't know of any job that will allow me to do that.

Tim J.

It's true that a well-planned city will be better much than the suburbs, where you can't walk anywhere except past blocks and blocks of houses. I think I would like to live in a city where I could walk to work, or at least walk to the train, or something.


I grew up in a rural area, so I have an appreciation and fondness for that, but I've been totally spoiled by living in walkable cities for the last 13 years, to the point that I am annoyed by my new neighborhood which has slightly fewer amenities than my old one. Suburbia, where you get neither the advantages of city life nor the advantages of rural life, is my idea of hell.

Over the summer I had to drive Beadboy1 to summer school every day, because busing would have taken to long. And I hated it. I'd much rather walk to a train and then sit and read a book. I've met people who prefer to commute by car, and I don't get them at all.

Thomas Mallon

Dr. Wiseman has something to say on the subject


The Cobbler

Hear, hear.

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