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August 23, 2010



I wouldn't mind coming into that same kind of work. Had one client this year so far and enjoyed it. Not getting us any ahead though since painting houses has been slower this month.


It is a joy, getting to spend a little time with Little Ms. MetalMan each morning. You can hear what she is looking forward to each day....

I have some hope of hearing about a job soon. Our diocese is hiring an accountant to overlook the bookkeeping at all of the parishes. Might be me...

Paul Corrigan

Sounds like a glorious morning! Definately going to look at a Churchwarden Pipe next time I'm at the shop! Looking at buying two or three clay pipes as well, as I'm told they are a good smoke for those just starting out... I find I'm often with friends who are interested in giving it a shot.

Paulo Mateus

I really like to smoke by the morning!It's a great moment, appreciate a good English Mixture with a strong coffee!

Grace e peace from Lord for you!

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