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July 27, 2010



What anti-virus programs are you running?

Tim J.

Right now I'm running "Avast". I thought it was supposed to be catching this kind of thing.

It did do a decent job once I updated it (though it took 18 hours to do a complete scan), but no AV program is going to catch everything.


It used to take me 18 hours just to set up a scan with Avast.

Consider uninstalling it and getting this one. I've seen it being mentioned as the best free anti-virus out there.


The link didn't show up...



12 months ago I left Microsoft and moved to Ubuntu. It has all my graphics programs, an Office equivalent, email, etc. The best part of all -- no viruses and it's free. :)

Tim J.

I've heard good things about Ubuntu.


Yes, I'd recommend checking out Ubuntu. It's been incredibly easy to learn and I've really enjoyed it.

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