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July 01, 2010



Loooove me some blackberries. And some farmers market.

John Kasaian

Farmer's Markets rock! We have a couple in our area, plus a few farm stands and a farm market selling the produce from the local agricultural college (which includes milk, sausage, a limited variety of cheese, bacon and vino made by the students.)

My dad met his future bride when my grandfather let the young buck drive the family buick out to a farm stand where a cute gal was selling eggs.

Good things happen when you buy direct!

Shakespeare's Cobbler the ever loginner forgetter who needs to sync all his blog IDs

"For us, right now, that means lots of onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, herbs of all kinds, green beans, berries, squash, honey, sorghum, etc..."

And you _do_ know how to make a fully awesome meal out of all that, I hope? Just the list is tickling my taste buds. Of course, it helps that I think potatoes, garlic and onion can be awesome, but there's enough there that you can get an above-restaurante-quality dinner even if you can't stand potatoes period.

Tim J.

Oh, that's a feast alright, Shakes, just not the unlimited spread one might be accustomed to in whatchya call yer Sooper-market produce section.

I didn't name everything that was available, of course, but we have those items in abundance. I LOVE home fries (taters-n-onions), and (as everyone knows) anything is better with garlic!

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