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June 21, 2010


Account Deleted

Read and kept waiting for the "but..." moment...and it didn't happen.

Thank you. That almost never happens.


I'm glad you had fun!

Please Give our love to little Miss MetalMan...

Tim J.

I'll post a picture of her later in her full regalia, Del! She'll be thrilled you remembered the name of her character.

Foxfier, I was hoping you would drop in, as I thought of you this weekend. The "cosplay" thing is complex, sort of like people. It is very easy - too easy - to judge from outside.

Not that I participated, mind you, but I rather enjoyed sitting there reading my books and people watching.


More corners than a circle, as my mom would say.

I dearly hope to manage to make it to a con one of these days-- they look like fun!

Of course, the oddest folks get the most attention...ah well. Is human!

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