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May 17, 2010



Tim, two of the most difficult elements to convey in paint to me are glass and rendering a foreshortened circle in perspective. I can render a circle using drafting techniques, but a freehand circle tends to appear too wide from the perspective I am trying to achieve. Great texture. I hope you do well in your showing.



I like the light

Erin Manning

This is such an amazingly beautiful painting. I used it as an example to my children of how it is possible to respect the ancient conventions and still produce art that is both new and of lasting value (we were discussing Church music, and the topic drifted a bit...)

Tim J.

Thanks, Erin. That's a high compliment, because that's what I hope to accomplish beginning with this new series. I had been doing very traditional table top still lifes, but wasn't finding that completely satisfactory anymore. I have been well stuck for over a year on how to proceed - what subject to paint and more importantly, how to approach it - but I think I'm at least beginning to "find my voice" as they say.

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Shakespeare has a way with words.

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