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May 05, 2010


Der Wolfanwalt

I blame the Puritans for this, like everything else. They brought Sola Scriptura to our shores, and when they turned secular they turned their focus from the Bible to the Constitution - while continuing to ignore the unwritten fundamentals. Urgh.

Dave Morgan

On a couple of earlier shows, Glenn Beck has made the point rights come from God. This was shortly after he let us know that we should run from our church, if it mentioned "Social Justice" on its website.

Occasionally, he goes on a rant and I continue to listen, but discern with a critical ear. I think that the point that he was trying to make was that some one in Congress wants to strip him of his citizenship and treat him as a terrorist. I do agree that citizenship cannot be revoked at the whim of a Senator or member of the House of Representatives.

M. B.

I don't like GB all that much, but I hear him from time to time as he's usually what's on the radio as I get home from work -- my wife likes to keep the talk on while she does some afternoon housework.

But let's give credit where due... at least he's defending a citizen's right to be Mirandized and not be tortured, even if he gets the source of such dignity wrong. That's more generous than many of our other fellow conservatives have been.

Plus, I only caught a few minutes, but today he was heartily endorsing homeschooling. Big points in my book.

Now my usual afternoon radio listening, though, is Catholic Answers. Much better for the mind, soul, and blood pressure.

Tim J.

"Now my usual afternoon radio listening, though, is Catholic Answers. Much better for the mind, soul, and blood pressure."

Yea, verily.

The thing is, a lot of what I've heard Beck say, I like (though I only catch his show on accident). But, then he'll come out with a real howler and just wreck my opinion of his brain.

I do hope his current investigations into the Founding Fathers might bring him around. Then again, a lot of them were staunch anti-Catholics.

c matt

Only problemis he is not even right on the Constitution. The basic rights belong to all persons, not just citizens (non cistizens were created by God too, much to many Yanks' surprise). The right not to be tortured, due process, etc. those belong to anyone under our jurisdiction whether or not a citizen. Other rights, such as voting, do belong to citizens.

People keep writing/saying Constitutional rights apply to US citizens, but if you actually read the thing it says otherwise.

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