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April 05, 2010


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Can't wait to get a new place and be able to do a decent roast....

Paul S.

And genuine pork crackles - with beer.


mmm . . . pork products . . .

M. B.

As a scientific commentator, I might just add that scientists now believe that bacon for breakfast is actually healthy for you... see here:


No doubt they'll soon discover that the health benefits of bacon are only improved by beer.

... Which reminds me of that charming incident recounted by Pearce in his Chesterton biography in which Henry James is visiting Chesterton, and G. K. is attempting to live up to James' American ideal of the genteel Englishman. It might have gone well except that an unexpected Belloc shows up, ragged and destitute from tramping about France, and bursts in on Chesterton and James, bellowing all the while for "bacon and beer!"

I think Hilaire would approve of your Easter feast.

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