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February 20, 2010



TLBC all on one shelf?! I've run out of room and have had to revert to more primitive "stacks" in my own man-cave. Their books have this bad habit of multiplying...

Tim J.

Alas, yes. Much of what I read of the essays of Chesterton and Belloc I find online. Tolkien and Lewis were not as prolific and are more easily found in bookstores, especially used bookstores. The collected works of Chesterton would require more shelves than I have!


"It's International Pipe Smoking Day!"
Why does no one tell me these things??

Sadly, Wednesday is a no-go for me smoking my pipe, as I have choir practice in the evening. I have enough trouble singing without.


You must have long shelves, Tim, to fit everything TLBC on them. I have two dedicated shelves of Tolkien (by and about) and a few each of LBC.

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