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January 04, 2010



Even if you were a poet, there is no guarantee that you would find the words.

Indeed, you might find it more frustrating because you were always trying.


Beautiful post.

"Then I thought that part of the joy of heaven must be the kind of communication we will enjoy there, direct and unencumbered by the brain or barriers of language and vocabulary. To us, these things are bridges, but they are also, oddly, barriers."

Amen to that. Makes me think of Dante, how in Paradiso he's always saying how a spirit could understand completely and articulate thoroughly what was going on in his own mind before even he himself could; and also how Dante expends a lot of words throughout The Divine Comedy saying precisely how he can't adequately find the words to describe his experience!


Great thoughts!! I think that most of the faithful have had that sacramental experience and found great joy in it, but had no way of being able to relate what it is that we understood at that moment, but once we tried to explain it to ourselves, the moment is gone and the frustration of our fallen experience makes us long for heaven to end this frustration.


I think I've mentioned Randy Alcorn's Heaven to you before. It's very easy to read, might help her out.


As Mary said above, even poets often have no words for these things.

As a proud Southerner I'm always eager to bring out the words of the Confederacy's honorary poet-laureate, the priest Fr. Abram Ryan. His poem "Song of the Mystic" captures the feeling you describe, Tim:

But far on the deep there are billows
That never shall break on the beach;
And I have heard songs in the Silence
That never shall float into speech;
And I have had dreams in the Valley
Too lofty for language to reach

And I have seen Thoughts in the Valley -- Ah me! how my spirit was stirred!
And they wear holy veils on their faces,
Their footsteps can scarcely be heard;
They pass through the Valley, like virgins
Too pure for the touch of a word!

(Come to think of it, Fr. Ryan is a good beard-on-the-inside candidate for the League of Bearded Catholics...)



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