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January 31, 2010



Hey thanks for the plug, Tim :)


I have always followed Mark Shea for this reason too, although Mark is a little less refined, he still has a convincing way of arguing, and is willing to admit error if he needs to humble his "Dork Lard" self. God Bless


i like this part of the blog:"It was largely due to his patient exposition that I was able to sort out my own jumbled thoughts and come down firmly against torture (yes, that means waterboarding)... and understand why." is very good

Tim J.

Wow, Propecia... pardon my saying so, but that's one unfortunate name you have there. Your parents must have had some twisted sense of humor, naming you after a male-pattern baldness cure.

I would seek counseling. You have become so disjointed in your thinking that you are leaving inane and seemingly random comments on months-old posts.

Or maybe its true what I heard about Propecia causing horrible brain cancer...

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