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December 09, 2009



Chesterton is such a prophet. His experience with the elite of his time gave insight into what was ahead for the world in general. That should give us pause as we consider what is going on in the current world of elites. Can the common man turn this around with some common sense, or will he be a coward and not respond to the challenge?

Der Wolfanwalt

I'd be more worried if it wasn't a pretend church to begin with. :)

Take it from me, though...as someone who is stuck in the same geographic region as Robinson, I'm sure we'll be assaulted by his unsolicited - by me - thoughts on how he is no longer alone.

Unless...do you think the position of gay Episcopal bishop is anything like how things work in Highlander?


Seriously.... what happens next?

I suppose moral Christians will continue to leave the denomination, and the remainder will be a liberal Trinitarian clone of Unitarian spirituality.

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