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December 01, 2009



You can listen to the whole album. This is a great site for music if you have time to figure out all of its options, it allows you to listen to entire albums, but you have to pay to download if you want to burn it. Check thou it out

Tim J.

Thanks, Shmikey!


Tim, iTunes has it. Search Tony Rice, click "see all albums" and go to Church Street Blues album. You can download just this one song if you want, for 99 cents.

Tim J.

Oh, thanks, Celeste, but I already have the song. I was just looking for a way to share it in a blog post, preferrably as a video.

There are tons of performance videos of Tony Rice on YouTube... but no "Pride of Man"!


I downloaded Tony Rice's version last week and every time I've listened to it, the more I am struck by how vivid the imagery is and how seldom we hear anything like this. Looking forward to more of his stuff!
(BTW: I have found that the music he makes with Ricky Skaggs is quite good as well, homey and beautifully sung.)

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