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November 05, 2009



TLBC - Terribly Loud Bastards of Chesterton (kidding, of course).

jim janknegt

Count me in. I am enjoying my current beard like I have never before. It is almost totally white and I am letting it get big and bushy.


Would membership be open to post menopausal women as well?

There should be some perks...

Tim J.


This will have to be addressed in the by-laws... or by the in-laws.

TLBC has an open and generous membership policy, sort of like those rehab clinics in Beverly Hills.

Not only will becoming a member be ridiculously simple, but the fact is that we will, from time to time, claim as members people who have never heard of us, or would like to forget they ever heard of us.

We will also, in the style of the Masons, reach back into history and claim as members any individuals we think are cool and will lend some panache and/or credibility to the brand.

The important thing is that you wear a beard *on the inside*.


I have a beard policy. I start to grow mine when the leaves start to turn in the fall and I shave it off when I the leaves are full in the trees in spring. I love my beard, but like the seasons, I don't appreciate it unless I go without it for a while. It is great in the winter, I must say!


oh wow....

I enjoyed my beard for a few years. Nowadays... I enjoy the manly art of mug-and-brush shaving. And the art of tobacco-pipe smoking.

Whatever my mood in follicular expression.... I wholeheartedly support TLBC! Long may it meander!

Tim J.

Del, I'm... I... don't know what to say! Trying to imagine you without a beard is causing some kind of cognitive dissonance.

I'm spiraling! Help!...

Ah, well. I had been shaving (neck & cheeks!) with an eclectic razor, but it broke, so I went back to shave cream & blades, which is a more pleasant experience and also gives a better shave... but takes a little longer.

One basic tenet of TLBC is that a little time saving is no excuse for giving up on any good thing. Buzzing machines should be replaced by hand labor wherever possible.

I think it's clear that blade shaving is a slam dunk win over electric by TLBC standards. My next step is mug & brush, which I really look forward to.

Jeff Holston

Dude, I'm like SO there!

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