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November 09, 2009


The Masked Chicken

Just a note about the carol aspect of A Christmas Carol: originally, the carol was medieval song/danse which later became stylized in the middle Renaissance. It fell out of vogue during the Puritan era, to be revived during the 1700's. Most of the Carols we know, today, are form this period. This was, obvious, the form of the carol of which Dicken's is making reference. These carols have a verse-refrain form, usually in duple meter, although, if memory serves, the original carol was in triple.

Obviously, the ghosts serve as the refrains on Scrooge's life and Scrooge's commentaries after each visit is the verse.

The Chicken


I've always been partial to the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol. My wife won't watch it with me, though, because she says it's too scary. She prefers the Muppets' interpretation.

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