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November 17, 2009


Der Wolfanwalt

Ha! A question that I am vaguely competent to answer! :)

To borrow heavily from my years-old introductory post, "Ὁι Λόγοι" (pronounced hoi LAW-goi) is ancient Greek, meaning literally "Words" or "The Words." Beyond the literal meaning, however, λόγος for a Greek ultimately came to mean truth and reason. St. John the Evangelist, who wrote in Greek, used the word λόγος to refer to the Second Person of the Trinity for this very reason.

The blog title is, thus, a play on meanings: on the one hand, just a basic and self-evident label for a text medium, it means "Words." But buried in there is the "reason" meaning that serves as an aspirational thought - or an ever-present scolding, depending on what you think of me. I'm on the fence. :)

Thanks again, Mr. Jones.

Tim J.

Logos! I should have known. I don't read Greek at all, but I used to be able to recognize *that* word, anyway.


Blog Nerd

Thanks for the mention, Mr. Jones, sir! And good morning to you. :)

Blog Nerd

And though I doubt I'm very much smarter, just slightly more verbose and high on my self--the secret is early to bed VERY early to rise, and COFFEE. Lots of it.


Thanks Tim! Slowly starting to get back in the swing of things...

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