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October 16, 2009


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John Kasaian

Your remark about a kid's response to adults gushing over folk music (or a film or literature) is an excellent one! I'm working through this in the opposite direction with my own son.
I reviewed Uncle Chestnut for our Bishp's newsletter and thought it was a great intro to Chesterton for children. If I had belabored that I think my son would have dissed the whole thing.
Instead, one evening while he was looking for something to read I tossed it to him and asked him to tell me what he thought of it.
An hour later (it is a slim little book) he came to me and couldn't stop talking about it.

From my own experience as a kid, I find that Puff The Magic Dragon and Michael Row the Boat Ashore always trigger a deep within auto-reflexive rolling of the eyeballs.


The book came out after I was an adult, so I can't speak from direct experience, but I think the book really sucks lemons, a market-driven button pusher, the literary equivalent of processed foods salt, sugar and MSG.

Paul S.

"It seemed to me at the time that the book was also presented as a kind of primer on The Right Way To Use Your Imagination, as if me and my school friends didn't have our heads teeming with perfectly good daydreams of our own."


Something like that was my reaction towards Spielberg's E.T. when it first came out and I was a wee lad.

Samantha K

The cinematography of WTWTA was impressive, no doubt, but it seemed to be missing a "spark" of some kind... maybe it was just too low energy from beginning to end for me (or at least after the first ten minutes)

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