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October 15, 2009




American Papist did a good, though much longer, response-- with bullet points!


It's very hard to even consider what passes as comedy in today's world since I was raised on the likes of Red Skelton, Burns and Allen, Sid Ceaser, and Lucy and Dezi.

Even Steve Allen was a master of his craft.

Tim J.

"American Papist did a good, though much longer, response-- with bullet points!"

Well, I know how you like bullets, Foxfier! :-)

Yes, Adrienne, all you have to do is watch "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" to get a sense of how superior the old school comedy was to the current scene. What class. Our copy of the movie also includes a documentary that really makes me nostalgic for those times.


"By falling right into line with the fashionable atheism of her social set, Miz Silverman reveals a timid and unimaginative conformism."

Isn't Silverman Jewish?

I once caught her on the Tonite Show years back where I thought she mentioned being Jewish.

Regarding "old school comedy", I heartily agree.

What's even more notable is the fact that not only is that kind of comedy as classic as it is funny, but do note how it doesn't depend on profanity for its humour.

Tim J.

"Isn't Silverman Jewish?"

Silverman is of Jewish lineage, and owns up to being "culturally" Jewish, but she has stated that she has no religion.

Kind of like some Catholics I know of.

Dr. Eric

When my secularist father and brother brought Silverman's rant and agreed with her. I asked them what they have ever done for the poor. They both said, "I pay my taxes!" Implying that forced "charity" is enough.


Great response, by the way, I am sure Mz. Silverman is in the process of selling all of her possessions and the proceeds be given to feed the poor.

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