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October 20, 2009


Paul S.

In my past job I worked at a small grocery store whose owners came from Denmark, and they had, and still have under the new owners, a special section for all kinds genuine Euro goodies.

One is a special cheese section and they would get the rounds and blocks of different cheeses in, and I would be the one who cut them into smaller pieces and then vacuum-packed them and weighed them for their prices.

I rued, RUED the days I had to do the blue cheeses.


I love Jarlsberg cheese. In Columbus, Ohio the grocery stores sell a shredded Jarlsberg dip that goes wonderfully with crackers and beer. Basically, the recipe is shredded Jarlsberg cheese, mayo, and some green onions. Delish!

The Masked Chicken

This sounds like a protein difference in the DNA/RNA expression on the taste buds, probably sex-linked, as both your wife and daughter did not like it.

The Chicken

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