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October 01, 2009



So you're not moving now?

Tim J.

We're working on a loan to buy the place from my mom, now. The kids really didn't want to move, and we like the place for now.

Maybe later we can find our forty acres and a mule...


What a treasure! Find out what it might be worth. I've got a copy of Tramp Abroad by Mark Twain given to my great grandfather in 1885, signed by MT. (or stamped, I can't tell) copyright Samuel L. Clemens 1879. It's not in great shape, but still together, barely.


I would rather keep something precious like that to hand on to the kids when I pass on, then they will have something both personal and valuable to treasure and pass on. That makes a connection through the generations. I have had a few F.E. of books in the past, but I found that I was hesitant to read the book for fear of damaging it, and decided what good is a book if I can't read it.

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