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August 25, 2009


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Tim, since I am a recent follower of yours, could you possibley link to parts 1-6 if they exist :)?

Tim J.

I'll just add the "Conversion story" link to the text (from the topic links in the left hand column).



"This included some very earnestly misguided bible study, wherein I had complete confidence that the Holy Spirit illuminated my every effort. Remember, I was superior to both the polyester suit-wearing pew sitters AND to the superficial materialist/hedonists (Catholics really didn't exist for me at that time, except as the most cartoonish sort of stereotypes). Somehow, everyone had misunderstood Jesus. ***Heck, all that was needed was a prayerful, fresh look at this Bible thing by someone with a clear head and with their heart in the right place (ostensibly me)***. I was certain that there was no controversy I could not make short work of, with a little thought."

I wonder just how many converts came to the same realization and why current Protestants refuse to acknowledge same?

As for Gene Scott, I can't believe that reasonable men as yourselves were actually once disciples of that late nite lunatic that came on ever so often during after-hours programming.

Glad to know that you two ultimately converted, though.

Look forward still!


Hoorah! The epic continues.

Tim J.

"As for Gene Scott, I can't believe that reasonable men as yourselves were actually once disciples of that late nite lunatic..."

The answer to that puzzle lies in a flaw in your basic premise... I, at least, was not a reasonable man at that time!

I was an unreasoning youth.


Tim J.,

Honored to know the remarkable (and reasonable) person that you (and, of course, your friend) had ultimately become!


Tim, I knew you posted at Jimmy's blog, but I did not know the history between you two. It's great to hear of your past. I know that at times there is some friction between converts/reverts and cradle-Catholics like me who never had the experience of leaving the Faith, but for myself I find your accounts nothing but edifying. Thanks!

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