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August 17, 2009



Tim, Just a recommendation for you from a civil engineer, find out first what it would cost to have the concrete sealed before you proceed. My experience tells me that you need to find someone who has done this to make sure that it is worth the investment, and I would have it professionally done by someone with prior experience, and ask for their credentails and a list of recommendations. Pools are not for the inexperienced, and hydraulic cement is not reliable in my experience. If you find that you can afford it after all of the research, then ask your family member what it costs to maintain the pool annually. You may have already done all that I recommend, and all of this may be mute, but I know that I have gotten into projects in the past like this one, only to realize that my enthusiasm was for a dream, and not a reality. Good luck and God bless

Tim J.

Sounds wise, Shmikey, but I'm going to dig a bit more to find out just what I'm looking at, first. I believe the pool (which is small) may be fiberglass or some such, rather than concrete. We'll see. Of course, I'm aware that the pool may have been buried because it was damaged and not worth repairing... but again, we'll see.

A bit more investigation, and I'll know. This is why I like to blog about thos stuff, though. Thanks for your sage advice.

Paul S.

I look forward to the unveiling. And if it does turn out for naught, maybe you'll have dug a garden.

For me it was always dinosaur bones.



Good gracious.... now you've driven me to compare my parents' spider-slaying styles, and it formed in terms of Narnia: dad tends to use a broadsword (boot) and attack swiftly, at close quarters-- mom tends to lead a general "fall back" of the troops (kids) and launch a precisely aimed arrow (hard back book) from a great distance (across the room.)

Good luck on the pool!

Although, my conservative urges insist I ask: isn't it wise to out why something was done before undoing it...?


Foxfier's wise comment, "Although, my conservative urges insist I ask: isn't it wise to out why something was done before undoing it...?", made me suddenly think of the historical burying of this pool as being the end result of perhaps something sinister.

Careful, Tim J.

Foxfier might actually have a point; who knows just what bodies you might find actually buried in all that mess!

Who knows?

This might ultimately turn to be a Cold Case!

Tim J.

I've always wanted to be Gil Grissom.

My thinking right now is that I have nothing to lose, except a lot of hard, physical work, which will only do me good.

Even if I fill the thing in again in the end, I will have had an adventure!


Hehe, I was thinking more along the lines of "it will cost fifty-bazillion dollars to fix" or "the pool is illegally zoned, now" or "the pool is made of illegal substances."

I guess if you enjoy the work, there's always the "turn it into a nice little sort of sunken garden type thing"-- but I don't know what the rainfall is like in your area.

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