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August 27, 2009


Baron Korf

Let's not forget the rights of the child. For example, the right to not be the product of a scientific experiment, but of the divinely designed method of conception, marital union.

Tim J.

Indeed, Baron, that was one of my points on this other forum, but it was questioned along the lines of "How can anyone have rights before they are conceived?".

But I think most who still harbor any human-like level of moral common sense still agree that a person has a right NOT to be a clone, for instance.

Creating a clone of myself would be the most lasting and grave kind of abuse of that person's human dignity... much worse than torture or slavery.

Paul S.

Yes indeed. Contraception and abortion are one thing. But having indulged those things to the max., and still indulging them, to then "create" new life with methods apart from the God-given act of becoming one flesh, is something that screams to heaven with a most horrible sort of blasphemy.

c matt

Slippery slope arguments do take many forms, and I have heard objections to them on purely logical grounds. But then, public policy has never been about the purely logical, so I never understood why only a strict logical objection should matter anyway. Slippery Slope arguments have, time and again, been confirmed by lived human experience.

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