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August 18, 2009



Tim J.,

You forgot a mutual friend who also relatively recently bowed out: Zippy Catholic.

At any rate, rather pick you over Shea any day.


Please don't stop posting, you're my No 1 blogger!


You are a dying breed, Tim, in a world of fast paced consumerism, and every kind of selfish indulgence that tears man from his creator. You have sunk your teeth into connecting, appreciating and indulging in the creation of our God. Congratulations on your Milestone (as minor as it may be as compared to other blogs) and continue to share your insightful observations with us consumers who long to be producers.

Tim J.

Yes, indeed, e., Zippy was in the back of my mind as probably the first, at least of the blogs I used to visit every day. That was a loss, IMO, but I expect he's doing good work - maybe more important work - somewhere else.

Incidentally, Amy Welborn is still posting now and then at her previous blog, "Charlotte was Both";


I will update my blogroll accordingly. It looks like she, like me, just has a hard time quitting for real.


Tim J.,

You speak as if you know him personally; what work, if you can at least provide even a mere hint, would that be?

(Divulgence of his actual identity would be nice; however, I doubt it possible.)

Also, thanks for the most recent update concerning Amy Wellborn!


O frabjous day!

Paul S.

Oddly enough, when I saw the title and picture of this post I thought that you had located 500 actual wooden posts for free on craigslist or something.

And then of course I laughed. Which is something your blog brings to me often enough - laughter.

Tim J.

Sorry to disappoint, e., but I have no personal knowledge of the mysterious "Zippy", and was only making an educated guess. The point being, he has been given a fine mind and I only expect he is making good use of it.

Thanks, one and all, for your kind words.


Congratulations Tim, on posting your 500 + 1 post on your blog!

I always look forward to reading your posts and seeing the beautiful paintings you create. You are a blessing in the blogosphere :-)

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