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July 05, 2009



Like nobody really wants subversive literature. What they want is literature that subverts the views of an imaginary little old lady in Albuquerque, so they can feel superior.

The Masked Chicken

The creation of beauty is always a matter of trust and cooperation; the deconstruction of beauty is always a matter of suspicion and selfishness.

The Chicken

John Kasaian

I posted a link to the article at an arty photography blog I frequent.

The response was both underwhealming and condescending.

I don't understand why anyone would want to call something ugly "art" much less make something intentionally ugly (unless they are a Hollywood make-up artist or something like that.)

What a sad state of affairs!


People have always asked me, "Why don't you go to art school?"
This article explains why. I value beauty and even at seventeen, I knew the modern art world didn't. I've found other avenues :)

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