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July 31, 2009



This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George seemed to equate the good life with sitting around the apartment while shirtless and eating a big hunk of cheese.


I share your 'wierd link' thing, Tim. The last time I clicked on a curious looking link in my stats, it took me to a porn website. Every week there also seem to be more and more referral links too...like Google searches about 'intimate things' that led people to my blog. I can't think of a single post i have ever written which would lead anyone googling that stuff, to visit my blog, but for some reason it does.

In fact, although it seems neurotic, last year i began to refer to my children as Wondergirl and Wonderboy on the blog because i was horrified to see that someone had typed 'kiddie porn' into a search bar and ended up at my blog.

I did think about whether to just never post about my children, but the blog is my personal space to share stuff with 'realtime' friends and family members and also the blog buddies i have got to know during the last 5 years of blogging. I decided to omit any details which would give anyone we don't know/trust, info about where they go to school, where we live etc.

Nowadays i have a private page on the blog where I write about family stuff and it is password protected so gives me confidence in knowing who exactly is reading those posts.

Tim J.

Ukok -

I've also been leery about posting too much personal information. Too many kooks in the cyber world, alas.

I enjoy Facebook, but I try not to get too personal even there.

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