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June 22, 2009


Baron Korf

Because people smoke cigs for the flavor???



thus far, pipe tobacco is not directly threatened.

Obama believes that flavored cigarillos are marketed at children, and Obama will stop at nothing to protect our children... (as long as the protection doesn't interfere with a woman's unrestricted right to choose killing her child.)


Flavored alcohol are safe so long as a large enough part of the population drinks girly-drinks. (that is, any drink that doesn't taste horrible)


...and this is just the thin end of the wedge.

John Kasaian

Fortunately you can flavor tobacco quite easily. For orange you can place some fresh orange skin in your pouch (which will also help keep your tobac fresh) for a mild flavor, or spray some orange extract on it for a stronger effect.

Other flavors (cherry, vanilla etc..)can be infused the similar ways. I learned this long ago from an elderly gentleman who had been trained as a tobacconist in Amsterdam.

Think of it as Distributist flavored pipe tobacco!

Sleeping Beastly

Anyone interested can see the full text of this ridiculous law here:


Apparently cloves and other flavored cigarettes are banned, but menthols are exempted, for now. This one has all kinds of creepy implications.

Sleeping Beastly

The flavoring ban [Section 907(a)1(A)] seems to only apply to cigarettes. The biggest effect of the law on pipe smokers will likely be an increase in the cost of tobacco, as manufacturers adjust their prices to handle all the new regulations.

Those of us who smoke cloves and other flavored cigarettes may just have to get inventive. Maybe we'll see a rise in the sale of clove oil and tiny spray bottles?

Ashley Peters

Interesting post, I hope it does only apply to cigarettes, doesn't make sense though. I do like the occassional flavored tobacco in my pipe.

Dave Hovering Around Peoria Illinois

Just thought I'd pipe-in. Sorry, couldn't resist that. Love this site. Just found it. Preach-on brother!

Tight Lines,

Brother Dave

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