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May 20, 2009



My folks know of a guy and his wife who let their 17 year old son die of a burst appendix because they "don't believe in modern medicine." (nobody knows what the 17 year old wanted, because only his parents spoke to him before death)

The husband's boss had invited the husband on a trip to shoot game in Africa, and found out this justification the day after the husband got all of his shots for the trip.

The invitation was revoked.

Those sort of folks give a bad name to skeptics.

Baron Korf

From what little I could gather from their website, the Nemenhah Band seems to be pretty squarely in the paganism/spiritualist camp. So I would count that as incompatible with Catholic teaching.

At the same time, I wouldn't hold the boy personally responsible for this kookiness.


As the mother of a 13 year old boy myself, i have to say that there is no way on earth that the young chap can have the maturity and comprehension and life and death decision making skills necessary to determine what is best for him.

No parent wants to see their child eaten up with disease, and no parent wants to see their child enduring the horrific side effects of chemo etc....but if there is even the smallest chance that the latter will kill the disease and possibly even allow that child to live a normal life expectancy, then it should be grasped with both hands.

It seems to me that the parents have an unfortunate influence over their son and over his 'understanding' of the situation.

Tim J.

Probably right, Ukok... the sad thing is that, just when the boy needs parents to stand firm with him and help him to endure suffering through the cure, one of his parents gives him an "out" on the suffering and goes all weak kneed - just when he needs her to be strong. She lets him run away and coddles him literally to death (at least that's one plausible reading of the situation).

I know it is hard to watch a child suffer, but Mom needs to get some backbone and tough it out for the sake of her son.

OTOH... I do hate to see these rare test cases used as justification for legally chipping away at family autonomy.


Tim J.,

How about those Protestants who prefer their sick & dying family members (or other various relatives), rather than see a physician, rely solely on Faith Healers for their remedy/cure?

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