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My two new homebrew recipes arrived a few days ago. I'm already to start. I'm a believer in the gardening thing but it's just me at the house and if I'm not canning I can't even begin to make use of a large amount of perishables.

Tim Troutman

I've brewed all my own beer since last Fall or whenever I started brewing again. Loving it!

I think your investments in new equip will pay off. If you don't have one already, I highly highly recommend an auto-siphon.


Right on!
Not a whole lot I can do right now, with a tiny studio apt in the city and no soil, nor any kids to share it with, but I heartily agree, Tim.
I do have some bread pans sitting in the cupboard, however, and a great independent grocery store ten minutes' walk away. Looks like tomorrow I'll be baking something tasty ...

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