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May 22, 2009


Adam D

I think some of my friends would likewise inaccurately think I'm anti-environmentalism. Probably you *could* say I'm anti-environmentalists though. The activists are ridiculous. The irony to me is I'm really on board with most of the prescribed program for taking care of the environment; watching emissions, keeping pollutants out of our water, recycling ... you name it. It's the whole "human kind is a blight on mother gaia" attitude that really grates on my nerves. And I still don't buy it that CO2 will cause Manhattan to be flooded from such drastically rising oceans or that it even substantially causes global warming. Poppycock!


My biggest beef with solar, ATM, is that solar electricity is horribly inefficient-- it takes so much to MAKE those nice solar panels that there's no way to get it back, and the waste products are horrible.

My uncle likes the efficiency of wind, when they use horizontals instead of verticals (end up looking kinda like water towers instead of looking like wind mills-- bypasses the biggest limit on efficiency for the classic wind farm, the fact that they can't go very fast or they tear apart.)

Hydro, of course, is my all time favorite-- the water does work, it's totally clean, it's efficient as all get-go, and we're *already* trying to manage the water to avoid disaster and drought. I always laugh when hydro power is left out of the clean, natural sources of energy. ^.^

Tim J.

True, hydro is very efficient and the tech is already being used as part of an overall water/flood management system. I like hydro, it solves a lot of problems at one time.

Thing is, the Greens don't like it so much because of the hype around little critters like the snail darter and the spotted owl, so they try to block new dam development when they can.

Nuclear is also something they have effectively hobbled since the 70s, leaving the U.S. behind in that area.

You'd think they might prefer it to coal... what modern coal production does to local environments can be just ghastly.


Greens don't like it because it works, without allowing for controling people.
Animals are just an excuse-- Klamath Falls showed that to me very, very well.


The main problem with hydro and nuclear is that a very large central plant concentrates a lot of energy in one area... easy targets for terrorists and devastating to a lot of distributist goals.

Wind power is solar power... and small plants can be widely distributed, even making homes self-sufficient.


P.S. - Home solar panels that heat water are efficient and clean. The hot water is used for all the usual purposes, and can also be made to warm the home.


I do like passive solar systems-- "Hey! Look! A house-- that takes less energy to heat or cool!"

Given an unlimited budget, I'd have a hobbit hole, probably with piping in the walls to circulate hot water (aided by fireplace) in winter and cold in the summer. (in an area with a spring, this would be fairly easy to set up, and would add nicely to the natural cooling/warming of being underground.) ^.^

Problem with wind power is that it's not steady; ditto for solar, although it's more steady and more available during hours of high demand. It's handy as a supplement.

Practically, it's much more efficient for terrorists to get an EMP and take out an area's electronics-- no need to worry about backup generators, and it's easier to guard a relatively small thing like a dam than an entire area.

c matt

I've always thought that, at least during the hot months in the South, it would be interesting to run cold water piping through the attic to (1) cool down the house and (2) then use the heated water as your hot tap. You would have to drain and shut off during the colder months to avoid freezing, but in some parts around here, we get maybe 14-30 days worth of freezing weather per year, if that much.

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