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May 14, 2009


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In college, after having my wisdom teeth removed, I accidentally took my mother's progesterone. Same bottles, same cupboard.

MAN was I dizzy!!!

(Haven't told that story here before have I? Don't think so . . . probably thinking of sharing it with someone on FB last month.)


ALWAYS read the labels.

You're lucky that you're able to make the post.

(especially nasty if you end up mixing meds that shouldn't be mixed.)

Red Cardigan

I just got my blood pressure prescription refilled at Target. I highly recommend doing this--they will put a different colored plastic ring around each person in the family's prescriptions, so you never grab the wrong bottle! :)


Dear Lord have mercy on me a sinner. My hubby just bought himself some velcro tennies. They make me cringe but I haven't told him.

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