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May 20, 2009


Tim A. Troutman

Tim, excellent post.

John Kasaian

And so it is with a abominable state of affairs in which physicians are no longer required to take the Hippocratic Oath, to "do no harm."
Instead, they can feel free to make men cats, men women and women men.

The boy on the run with his mother, the boy with lymphoma who is in the papers and on the internet comes to mind. Did his doctor take the hippocratic oath? The press seems to think that isn't important to report. As a result we don't know where the attending physician is coming from in terms of providing treatment. The mother is portrayed by the press as a freak (and indeed she must be overcome with anxiety due to her son's medical condition and pain) and the all powerful government as being---well---all powerful. I've heard women sneer nasty comments about the boy's mother, which kind of surprises me. It is like they've forgotten she is the boy's mother. She stands to loose her son to death and they want to punish her? How can they even entertain the idea that a parent who looses a child to death can suffer a punishment any more devastating?

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