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May 04, 2009


John Kasaian

Any effort to grow one's own veggies is genreally rewarding, most certainly in the taste department. What can compare to home grown tomatos?
Can it be done efficiently? Sure! I've got a eight 5 gallon plastic buckets ("growers pots" salvaged for free from a landscaping project) with tomatos, zucchini, peppers, squash and cucumbers (I slacked off on eggplant this year) Weeds are a non-issue, watering a breeze.
While I would like to someday have a proper garden in the good earth (but currently the only good earth I've got is in those buckets!) One value added thing about gardening in containers is that can buy seedlings in 6 packs,which is usually more than you'll need (alas the glorious magic of starting plants from seeds wll give you waaay too many) so I always have a few seedlings left over---it is a great way to meet people by offering them some seedling plants for thier own garden.

Some day----chickens!


I got rid of my plug-in coffeepot in favor of a French press last year, and I still enjoy pushing the little knob down before I pour!
I love being so involved in the processes that get me fed, clothed, and housed. Reading your blog is one of my favorite ways to remind myself of the ways we'd live if big biz and big gov't weren't there to tell us how to.


*points out her "patio" door to the three by six deck, currently holding three tomato plants, a dream of three cucuber plants, and a barely sprouted forest of sugar snap peas in long planters and three small pots*

Second year at trying; hopefully, they'll last a bit better, this time.

Hard to putter in my garden (dang it, I keep typing "guarden"-- hm....) but it's got a nice smell to read by.


Can we get one of those hanging tomato plants, honey? Pleeeeze? Love you!

The Masked Chicken

Dear Tim J.,

You wrote:

The point, if there is one, is that there is really no single reason (and no logical reason at all) for anyone to brew their own beer, or to bake their own bread, or to raise their own vegetables or livestock. It can all be done more efficently in the factory, or the factory farm.

There is also no logical reason to paint pictures or write poetry or make music.

The first point does not imply the second. Bread and beer are material objects; poetry, music and painting are modes of expression. No one has yet figured out how to mass produce a singular thing, which is what expression is - it is singular to an individual.

Bread and beer are not singular to individuals. One man may grow vegetables as well as the next man and so, they may be mass produced, but no two men can express the same thing in the same way.

The Chicken

The Masked Chicken

Dear Tim J.,

What is it with Typepad's seeming inconsistency with regards to posting my links and italics? The first two sentences above are yours and should have been italicized.

The Chicken

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