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April 14, 2009



"28 years. Seven children. What are the odds that a marriage tribunal will grant them an annulment?"

Uhhh... Hate to break it to you Tim, but I believe Mel is part of those schismatic traditionalists.

Although, this is still quite tragic news nonetheless.

They should resolve to heal their marriage, if at all possible.

Tim J.

"Uhhh... Hate to break it to you Tim, but I believe Mel is part of those schismatic traditionalists."

Yeah... Do they not have tribunals, then? I don't know...



I am not really into celeb news but it is always sad to read of another marriage going down the pan. Celeb or no.

I found this online:

"A few years ago Mel Gibson caused a stir with an interview in which he claimed that his wife of 20+ years was a better person than he was but that she was going to hell because she wasn't a Catholic."

link ->


Not sure i could stomach my husband telling the world i was going to hell either!

From what i read also, it seems he has been unfaithful on a number of ocassions, during their marriage.

I understand from the quote above that the wife isn't Catholic... perhaps she doesn't appreciate the gravity and consequences of divorce?

Prayers going up for them and for their children.

Tim J.

"perhaps she doesn't appreciate the gravity and consequences of divorce?"

That's the rub, of course, and it is not something on which I am qualified to make any judgment. And if he isn't really Catholic, either... well, it makes it a different sort of animal, at least as far as my rant.

Still, the sheer number of Catholic annulments is confusing to so many. It's just a shame. I think it really does make our efforts to talk coherently about the sanctity of marriage very, very difficult.


Tim J.,

Mel Gibson is Catholic -- but is of the Traditionalist sort:

"Mel Gibson considers himself Catholic, but his relationship with the official Catholic Church is strained. Gibson has built his own traditionalist Catholic chapel near his home; a pre-Vatican II Latin Mass is said there.

In a February 2004 interview with Diane Sawyer, Gibson said 'I'm just Roman Catholic, the way they were up until the mid '60s.'"


J.R. Stoodley

I thought that after 2004 and The Passion of the Christ and all that Gibson became more clearly schismatic than he had been before. I don't know for sure though. Point is, anything from 2004 may well be out of date concerning whether he's a real Catholic.

If he's gotten involved with SSPX, they both perform invalid marriages and grant invalid annulments. That's something that I've seen more moderate Traditionalists condemn them for.


J.R. Stoodley,

I could be wrong, but didn't the SSPX reconcile with Rome?

Hadn't been keeping up with the news specifically concerning all that, but just heard it along the way to other matters.

c matt

SSPX relationship is rather confusing to me. Not even sure if Mel is SSPX, though he may have taken sacraments from an SSPX priest (which I don't know if would be valid but illicit, or invalid altogether). I am also not sure of the timing of his marriage - I thought LeFebre(sp?) was ex-comm in the '80's, if Mel was married in the Church before then, it seems it would be valid from a sacramental pov.

All very confusing, I just hope he and his wife can reconcile.

kaspars dimiters


Xristos Anesti! i'm form latvia (one of the baltic states between russia and west). my name is kaspars and i'm a latvian poet and bard. on the 1st of may i'l became 52 years old.

the things going on with mel are pattern, how the devil's servants made their pay-back for gibson's art. specially for his film "the passion of Christ". mel openly declared enough blessed truths about Church, family, patriotism. but the highest peak was "passion". bald-headed agamic fright that was the parable of devil in his film, jumped out of screen and started to hound poor gibson in his real life. i'm orthodox christian and the doctrine of our Church fathers is "if you did something good for God, be ready to receive all bad form the devil." mel did this great good. no one made so denuded truth about Christ's passion on so large scale. i'm sure that we need to make special blogs or sites in our countries to associate oneself around mels passion. even he do not feel this great tragedy enough deep, with years the throwdown of his family will get a very poignant yield. mel gibson helped us so brave and so much. now we must organize our good will and our cumulative power of our prayers. i'm shure in the course of time God will react and mel will return back to his wife and his family.

i wrote in my blog about "passion of mel gibson" ( http://blogs.krustaskola.lv/2009/04/21/mela-gibsona-ciesanas/ ). one of our major newspapers also blogged it. but because of societies moral all-out sluggish mostly they perceive our care for mel like nonsense. i could try to translate my text also in english. but somebody then must correct my grammar and expression mistakes :)

with hope of help,
sincerely yours in Christ

kaspars dimiters

for faster contacting - my mail is: nebruks [at] gmail.com

Tim J.


Latvia! Many thanks for taking the trouble to comment on my little blog. This is one thing I love about the internet.

I can tell that English is a little difficult for you, but you did a good job and your meaning comes through very clearly.

Thank you, again, for your heartfelt comments. Pray for Mel Gibson and his family!


"i'm shure in the course of time God will react and mel will return back to his wife and his family."

FYI - It wasn't Mel who filed for the divorce; it was his wife.

"I can tell that English is a little difficult for you..."

It might've been best if this was left unsaid.

Tim J.

I don't think it's anything he isn't aware of, e.

His English is infinitely better than my Latvian.



Just noting that while you might not have meant anything sinister by that comment (and not to say that Mr. Dimiters actually would interpret it as such); however, because we're unawares of each other's facial expressions when engaging online, there is the possibility of misinterpretation even at the simplest and most innocuous of comments -- and this goes for even those skilled in English, who many times themselves suffer such an event of misinterpretation.

It's ultimately an inevitable (and perhaps unfortunate) result of online communication.

J.R. Stoodley


I'm likewise not sure if Mel Gibson is involved specifically with SSPX. Technically no layperson belongs to the Society since it is a priestly fraternity, but they have a de facto schism going on which also includes nuns and many laypeaple.

Just for the record though the revoding of the excommunications did not at all reconcile SSPX to the Church. It was more analogous to the removing of the mutual excommunications between the Pope and the Patriarch of Constantinople back in the 60s. It was basically just a gesture and a step towards unity, not a declaration of unity.

More recently than the removal of the SSPX excommunications, ground rules for doctrinal dialogue between the Society and the Magisterium have been set, with the hope of bringing about eventual unity.

But we're not there yet, and meanwhile SSPX clergy perform the sacraments of Eucharist and Holy Orders validly but illicitly, and Penance and Matrimony both illicitly and invalidly. And they give canonically meaningless annulment declarations.

kaspars dimiters

thanks, timothy. i also love internet for pop-visits in my blog. if they are not spam :)

i'm thankful to all who respond with aim to help mel and his family.

if some of you could inform me about things going on with gibson's trail (links, websites etc.), i will be appreciative.

his beneficial investment to remind about lost high values that become so deformed (especially in hominized christianity) is priceless.


"if you did something good for God, be ready to receive all bad from the devil."

Yes, this same thought occurred to me when I read of the news. I've been remembering every once and a while to say prayers for Gibson and his family; and a small part of the intention is also that I hope his directing career (while less important than reconciliation) doesn't get scattered and lost in the mix. His films are too good - and they utterly beat the tar out of the majority of standard hollywood fare.

kaspars dimiters

"I hope his directing career (..) doesn't get scattered and lost in the mix"

I hope so, Paul. Thanks.

Sleeping Beastly

An update, and one more reason to pray for the whole family, and for everyone else involved. I can't even imagine. How awful.


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