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April 21, 2009


jim janknegt

I am right there with you. Since we bought our place in the country I spend most of my free time working on projects to improve our home, gardening, taking care of animals, painting, reading and watching Netflix rentals with the weekly BBQ thrown in. Once we are home we don't go out much anymore and our whole family loves it. I guess it helps that we are all introverts.


Hold on --

Isn't a "house boy" (at least, according to an old MadTV skit), a slave boy from a third world country that certain affluent American women have?


e. -
I believe that's in the same way that "pool boy" means a similar thing.

Or maid is the female version.

Perfectly honest work that has an archetype of, er, abuse.



Only kidding, of course.

But your point is well-taken! ;^)

c matt

Totally with you on the home improvement thing. Although sometimes finding the time is difficult - I am in the mid part of a kitchen project - redid all of our upper cabinets (even built in some new ones from wood on my own - no pre-fab stuff). But now it kind of stalled and the bottom cabinets (and wife) keep nagging me for attention.

Tim J.

The nagging is just part of the whole concept of home projects. Look at it as a sign that you are doing things the right way.

My wife has been mostly great about it, but is frustrated that everything takes longer than we thought/planned. The thing is, one project gives birth to others and things can tend to spiral... and then, there are more or less constant interruptions.

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