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April 10, 2009



Err -- there's no Mass on Holy Saturday either.

That's why Easter Vigil mass must start after sundown.

Tim J.

Too right!... though a little bit of a gray area for Americans who reckon days as running from midnight to midnight.

Most Americans would say that there is mass "today", because it does take place on Saturday (even if at night).

But the Church, like the Jewish people before her, reckons the day from sundown to sundown (at least for liturgical purposes).

So... technically, you are correct.


I got to venerate a relic of the True Cross!

For those who stayed late, Father opened the reliquary and let us see it... a tiny chip of wood, about twice the size of a common splinter.

Still... the most moving Good Friday veneration I have enjoyed in a decade.


"I got to venerate a relic of the True Cross!"

A relic of the True Cross???

Just what church did you happen to attend and where???

Also, didn't you know that the geniuses at the History Channel on their piece concerning the Crusades had already debunked the relic of the true cross as nothing more than a myth made up by those awful Crusaders??? ;^)

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