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April 20, 2009


Sleeping Beastly

I don't know if I'd call Obama's cabinet sycophantic. His chief of staff (a suspected foreign intelligence operative) has disrespected the office of the presidency on a number of occasions, including literally snapping his fingers in the president's face.

I'm even sort of okay with all the "global warming" nonsense, as long as the only end results are federal investments in energy-efficiency research. What worries me is that this kind of hysteria generally precedes some sort of large-scale evil on the part of our government. I remember a similar sort of unfounded hysteria before the recent Iraq invasion. "Mushroom clouds over our cities!" was the mantra in 2003. I knew at the time that the victims of the hysteria would be the long-suffering people of Iraq. Who will be the victims of the global warming hysteria? My gut tells me they'll be my friends and neighbors here in the States.

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