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April 02, 2009



I've never been very convinced this is all that HGTV hosts make it out to be. But they still stand up on that soap box. I suppose it makes a difference, too, the 'class' of house you're talking about. Ours is still under the 100k mark, which is pretty rare over here and probably renders wall colors mainly moot.


"It wasn't actually our house to begin with, as it belongs to my mom and we have been renting from her."

Wait --

You're selling a home that's not even yours but, more precisely, belongs to your mom????

Cruel World, indeed.

Tim J.

"Cruel World, indeed."

No, not really...


She's my mom and I'm doing what I can to help her sell this house we've been renting from her. It was my idea, actually.

Methinks you read too much into some very sketchy details.


Actually, I was just kiddin', Tim.

Tim J.

Dang internet... humor gets lost in the mix, sometimes...


In my condo, one room is RED, and one room is BLUE.

My mother's opinion is that it will be hard to paint over. . . .

Brace yourself for comments on the house's resale value.

But do it the way you want anyway.


Oh my gosh - Mary and I live in the same house. My laundry room is dark red and my kitchen is dark blue.

But I'm in the process of painting now and the kitchen will soon be "cappuccino".

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