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March 09, 2009



Gordon Lightfoot is excellent. I have his 4 CD box set from Rhino. The first two songs are country songs recorded down in Nashville in 1962. They're not too bad but I'm glad he headed in the folk direction.

John Fowles

A fine review by Tim Jones
Actually this is his third full year of touring since his September 2002 Abdominal Aortic Aneurism a "mechanical failure" that is nearly always fatal. Gord was off until his first two comeback concerts in November 2004 in Hamilton Ontario where he had been treated. In 2005 he did 34 concerts (I attended 17)
for full details see the splendid website http://www.lightfoot.ca
for a lively discussion forum visit http://www.corfid.com

Tim J.

Thanks for the info, John!

I could have checked easily, but wanted to get the review up before other stuff intervened.

I'll make the correction.


Happy Anniversary!
Great review! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful evening with Lightfoot. You mention how human the evening was..that's so true when it comes to Lightfoot - he's a humble man who loves what he does and is out touring for the fans who have remained so loyal to his music for so long. He's a treasure for sure!
moderator at www.corfid.com


I have been remedying my shameful ignorance concerning my own heritage since reading your post.

I'm just glad it wasn't total ignorance (Gordon Lightfoot, yeah! I know Sundown!)

Thanks for the post Tim.


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