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February 09, 2009



Tim, I used to attend daily but haven't been able to in quite some time. I miss it. I liked the stripped down nature of the liturgy itself, but it also focused me daily which I needed (still need).

Good luck on the solo stuff.


I enjoyed a small, "stripped down" Mass on Saturday.

And I attended a big Sunday Mass, where there was only on song that didn't suck.

The contrast was very stark. Bad music truly interferes with my worship; I really wish I could just block it out.

I'm thinking that maybe I need to find a different parish for Sunday worship.



I wish I could make it to daily mass like I used to. It really is a great way to focus on God and get that daily dose of grace. Sadly, like your experience, work has stood in the way. I really need to figure out how to rework my schedule.

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