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February 04, 2009



Tim, you are so right that other catholic bloggers feel as you do. I think it's the same with most bloggers after a while, we feel like we really know one another and we genuinely care for one another and care about what happens to one another.

I just this moment found out about Amy's husband's passing because someone left a comment on my own blog to let me know! We care enough to let one another know these things, it really touches me.

I feel shocked and i don't know either of them personally, either....but the thing is, we Catholics ARE family. We should care about one another. We might not recognise one another on the street, but our hearts kind of meet one another in a way that makes the physical distance between us, not matter. We share at one banquetting table of the Lord together, yes we really are family.

Having lost my beloved to an early death (the father of my daughter) I can only say that my heart genuinely reaches out to Amy and to her children at this sad time.

God Bless you Tim and thank you for writing this post and for expressing what i believe will be felt throughout the blogosphere today.

I pray that Michael be granted eternal rest, and may he rest in peace. Amen.

Will Duquette

Tim, thanks much for putting into words precisely what I was feeling. (I've quoted you liberally on my own blog.)

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