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February 03, 2009


Paul S.

Thanks Tim for your much appreciated words. Swapping sketches? I'm totally down with that. This also makes me think of an idea I had for Lent, starting this Feb. 25.

The willing soul takes one day for each week of Lent to go out alone into the woods, or place of preference, and draws for eight hours straight - no break, no food, no drink; no thought for outcome of the drawings. The idea is to take drawing and turn it into prayer. Hmmm...

That shop in Missouri sounds wonderful. Here in B.C. Canada we have a pretty good selection of microbrews, lots actually, though I fear our microbreweries tend to have a we're-special-so-we-can-charge-horrendous-prices type philosophy. Or maybe it's just the state of things. I mean they are special in their way, but man it can get steep.

J.R. Stoodley

I'm still going with a cynical agnosticism regarding Global Warming, or Global Climate Change to use newly more popular term. But I figured I'd mention that by some estimates Europe and the Northeast US will get colder rather than warmer if it happens, because of changes in the Gulf Stream and maybe the Jet Stream. Not sure how Arkansas would be effected.

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