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February 04, 2009



"Respect and protection for all individual rights are a must"

You mean like the right for abortion (at least, this is what several of our detractors claim)?


We already looked for that country. Sorry, it doesn't exist. Sigh!

Tim J.

Well, logically, respect for all individual rights would entail respect for life first and foremost, making abortion impossible.

But then, the pro-choice movement isn't known for being logical.


Let me know if you hear back from anyone.


"Let me know if you hear back from anyone."

I believe Tim J. will end up being largely disappointed --


There's No Country for Old Men! *wink*


"Individual" rights are okay, I guess.

What we really need are "family" rights... favorable tax status for naturally married couples. Policies that discourage divorce. Policies that encourage having and raising children, homeschooling, and practicing our faith. Stuff like that....

Tim J.

Yeah, I thought of that, Del, but I didn't want to get too bogged down in policy talk, as it was meant as a humor piece (though darkly humorous, maybe).

You are absolutely right about family rights, though.

And can we at least begin to talk about the possibility that "family" can be defined primarily as, you know... blood relations? That the word does have some objective meaning?

Tim J.

And I assume the humorous intent of the piece became apparent enough (at least to those who know me) when I described myself as "...29, 6' 2" tall, with an athletic build.".


"...when I described myself as "...29, 6' 2" tall, with an athletic build."."

That was the best part --




Though not exactly a country, maybe Vatican City?

J.R. Stoodley

The Holy See is a nation, though I'd hesitate to call it a country.

I've heard that the original plan was to give Vatican City considerably more of Rome, including some residential areas with citizens, but then Mussolini reduced the deal. Too bad, it would be cool if more laypeople, presumably mostly Vatican employees, actually lived there and had Holy See citizenship. Probably would cause more problems than it would solve though...


my mom's been joking for years about moving to Malta. Maybe if enough of us go....


Maybe a bunch of us could pool our money, buy an island off the coast of Baja California from Mexico, declare our independence, and get foreign aid from the U.S.A. I vounteer to be Secretary of Defense (The job would consist, primarily, of sitting on the beach behind a 50 caliber machine gun with a cold six-pack by my side).

Tim J.


Does that mean we could declare ourselves ambassadors and be received as dignitaries in the U.S.? You know, with diplomatic immunity, and all that?

The way things are going, though, we might be inundated with refugees from California.

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