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February 24, 2009



I've always rather liked lent, myself. And for all the reasons you stated. It's kind of like a spa-vacation for the soul. Of course, some years it's more liking the idea of lent rather than the acutal practice! :)


Ditto what Freddy said.

Lent is my favourite Liturgical Season precisely because it shows my what a weak and repugnant individual i am.

It is only in my weakness that i am able to acknowledge the greatnesss of God; his Merciful nature in loving a vile wretch like me.

And i don't say that to sound all pious but because i am a completely undisciplined and deeply complacent individual.

I especially have a fondness for Lent because I am at my most uncomfortable with myself during Lent, and that is a good thing.

During Lent, praying the Stations of the Cross, attending Mass and Confession more frequently, praying the Liturgy of the Hours etc, these culminate together to cause me to examine myself and my relationship with the Lord in a minutae of detail that throughout Ordinary Time, i tend not to do.

Sinner that i am, i know that i could be doing all of these things throughout the Liturgical Year, but i am a procrastinating Catholic, i want to be devout, really i do, but i fail on so many levels, to be what i should be...far from setting the world on fire, i am a flickering flame half in danger of being 'blown out' most of the time.

Perhaps i am doing something wrong in embracing Lent so enthusiastically. I don't know... but how can it be wrong to embrace it with such conviction...to desire God to reveal my need of him, to show me my brokeness and my need of healing...to me all i am doing during Lent is what i should be doing all through the year...and that is to give God His proper place in my life.


I came to know your writings through Jimmy Akins website and really enjoyed reading your writings/commentary. After "googling" you LOL I came across your blog which as a young Catholic I find to be witty,refreshing and very insightful. This Lenten season I am breaking away from television and cutting down on time spent on social networking sites (facebook primarily)in addition to other things. I look forward to reading things that will deepen my Lenten experience your blog especially this Lenten season there after. Kudos to you and God Bless.

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