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January 26, 2009


Devin Rose

Tim, my prayers are with you along with St. Joseph's intercession.


I'm inviting Chesterton and Belloc as prayer-patrons for your business.

I'm looking for a small, beautiful portrait of Mary... perhaps something inspired by Our Lady of Guadalupe. Size and quality equivalent to your still lifes valued at $200.

She will go on a wall next to a larger Divine Mercy print... The usual Marian colors of blue and white will complement my wall-shrine very well.

Can you help me?


Prayers, too, for this intention.

By the way, when I first saw the above cartoon, I thought you had done a sketch on Kevin Smith, for some reason!

I hope you'll somehow come to continue some sort of series of posts on your day blog as it seems the etsy one is purely an online shop -- err, gallery -- whereas the former actually mentions particular details about the new painting-of-the-day.

Paul S.

You have my prayers. Remember the Rosary when the roller-coaster seems to go right off the tracks.

Two hour daily commute? Ouch. Things taken away to be grateful for indeed.

Tim J.

I prayed the Rosary all the way home from work Friday (a long commute has its advantages).

It was a tremendous comfort. I am one of those people who is blessed to get a lot out of praying the Rosary. I know some struggle with it.


Tim, i struggle tremendously with praying the rosary. I'm glad you don't have that problem.

You seem quite optimistic despite this blow about your job, and i truly hope that you are able to support your family despite this 'hiccup'.

Your work is beautiful. I would be so happy for you if it could be that you are able to support your family doing what you love.

Well done on getting the etsy shop up and running, i notice no shipping costs to the UK/Europe, but I certainly understand the complexities of including the UK/Europe.

May God Bless your wonderful work!

Tim J.

I haven't figured out that shipping, yet, ukok (this Etsy thing is new to me) but I'm going to make a special effort to do so. It would be nice to be able to offer shipping to Europe, at any rate.

Thanks for your good thoughts.

Del! I'm sending you an e-mail. :-)


heehee! I've seen how much you share my love for Mary. It would be a special grace to have a Tim Jones work honoring Mary above my home chapel.

And welcome to the Chestertonian joy of "minding your own business"!

ukok... prayer is a struggle sometimes. Stick with it... give the Rosary a special time and place. Slow down your prayer... and don't force it. Relax into the mystery, and if your mind wanders -- accept that sometimes the Holy Spirit is pulling you there.

God rewards perseverence in prayer. Once I finally let God guide my prayer, I started to receive 'messages' during my Rosary meditation. I finally understood that prayer really is "communication with God." I just had to get out of my own way, first!

Karina Fabian

Hi, Timothy,

I'm so sorry to hear about the job. It's wonderful that you are taking it as an adventure and chance to move on.

May I suggest you set up a DeviantArt account if you hve not already done so? I know a lot of freelancers who find commissions through it--and several magazines and book publishers who look there for talent.


Jim Jankengt

Hey, Tim- Sorry to hear of your layoff. I sympathize. I got laid off two years ago and our Lord had a job waiting for me. A guy across campus doing the same thing I was doing in my dept. retired after 21 years of service. The job hadn't been open in 21 years and came open the same month I got laid off. It was a perfect match for me and the dept. and we have both been happy. Trust in the Lord, in all things acknowledge his ways and he will direct your path. Best wishes on making art full time!


I'm sorry to hear about your job, but am glad you have an Etsy, ah, gallery now. You should set up categories, by size or type.

Many blessings.


"ukok... prayer is a struggle sometimes. Stick with it... give the Rosary a special time and place. Slow down your prayer... and don't force it. Relax into the mystery, and if your mind wanders -- accept that sometimes the Holy Spirit is pulling you there."

Thanks for this encouragement, Del. It doesn't seem to matter how fast or slow i pray the Rosary i always end up yawning my head off after the first decade. I feel so embarrassed admitting that.

On the other hand i LOVE praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and have no such problem... and i often pray it using the rosary beads to do so.

Thanks again!

J.R. Stoodley

I'm real sorry to hear about your job. You have my prayers and I really hope your new art ventures work out.

Regarding the economic downturn, I've seen more evidence of it too. I guess there was just a bit of a delay for many people before the effects began to be seen. SUNY tuition went up considerably because of New York's financial troubles (fortunately I'm only part time and in what's likely my final semester for the forseeable future, but still). And, to make a long story short, my college's complicated relationship with Syracuse University changed to save money, in such a way that I was unable to take the religion class or two that I'd been planning to.

Also, more seriously, a recently graduated friend of mine had his first good job taken away before it started because it relied on money that was no longer there. Now he's stuck in Syracuse living with and working for his parents instead of in Philly starting real life.

God has a plan though.

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