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January 06, 2009


Paul S.

Wow. Who wrote this?

Tim J.

It came to me during Mass on the Feast of the Epiphany. After that, it just kind of wrote itself.

Paul S.

Dang, I had a feeling you penned it.

Have you considered submitting it to Dappled Things?

Tim J.

That hadn't occurred to me.

I'm familiar with Dappled Things, but don't subscribe.

You've been blogging up a storm at your place! I've been meaning to stop by and comment when I have a bit more time (I'm trying to paint this weekend).

Paul S.

Yeah, since I do landscaping the snow (plus holidays) has kept me out of work for a bit. That means more blogging time, and I'm not complaining. Since I'm not one who (not so far at least) has those responsibilities that separate the men from the boys (like having wife, children, house, or in the case of priests, entire parishes) I can afford to have that time off. Not that others can't as well, of course.

Hope the painting has been going well.

Of course I don't want to insist or anything, but I do recommend submitting the piece. It could get rejected, as I've experienced, but it might be worth a shot. They don't have a new deadline as yet; they will be having one come spring.

Sean P. Dailey


That was amazing, Tim. So, you wrote it? Is there more? What are the signs that haunt Melchior's dreams now? The Passion?

Thank you.

ps. Did you know that the relics of the Magi are in the cathedral in Cologne, Germany?

Tim J.

It seems to me that Melchior sees signs in the stars (and elsewhere) that he understands, but can't explain. They point toward something too big - or too good - to be true. Maybe too wonderful to hope for.

I think he is feeling around the edges of the real importance of the Incarnation, more than the Passion (though that figures increasingly, as well) - that the birth of this little Judean king turns out to be, in fact, the lynch-pin of the entire history of the human race. The Most Important Thing Ever.

He sees this reflected more and more in everything, but doesn't understand yet what he is seeing. It is too big to fit into his present categories of thought... but he KNOWS there is something there.


Tim, Sean...

You might consider publishing this in Gilbert. In next year's Christmas issue.

Or perhaps in this year's Lenten/Easter issue.



Did you really write this?

At first, I thought this came from the book "Melchior's Dream and Other Tales" by Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing, until I finally caught a glance of the above remarks in the preceding comments.

This "Melchior's Dream" which you seem to have penned is profoundly moving and remarkably salient.

Great work!

Tim J.

"At first, I thought this came from the book "Melchior's Dream and Other Tales" by Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing..."

Wow, I never heard of that (that I can remember). I can't remember the names of all three Magi off the top of my head, though I do recall Balthazar. By Googling around I guess the third would probably be Gaspar.

Perhaps I should change it to Balthazar's Dream. I wouldn't want to end up in copyright court. ;-)

Thanks for your kind words.


Tim J.,

You are more the consummate artist than you let on.

Also, if I might make the humble request that you please continue the story perhaps in some sort of continued series, as I would like to know what subsequently follows:

"Indeed, I do not know that I am equal to the journey, but should anything happen, I have made my servants and my understudy to swear an oath that they will return with all my records and make a report to you before they see even their own families."

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